On Watsons: Choose accessories that suit your face shape

Get your favorite Watsons health, beauty and wellness products. Make-up can accentuate contours. A fashion accessory can do the same! Earrings, necklaces, hats, etc. They are important accessories that can easily transform your contours. Square face, round face, rectangular face and oval face, which face shape do you belong to? ์นด์ง€๋…ธ์‚ฌ์ดํŠธ

Confirm your face shape first and you can choose the right accessories to create the perfect contour.

Square Face

The square face is characterized by a broad forehead, a wide chin and prominent cheekbones. The upper and lower frontal vessels are square; The width and length of the forehead are almost the same as the jaw.

Square-faced people should wear jewelry that softens the face and reduces the sense of strength. For earrings, you can choose round earrings. And as for the hat, the lines are smooth, the hat with smooth lines will be your good choice.

Round Face

The biggest feature of a round face is that it really looks like a circle, forehead, cheekbones and jaw width are basically the same, the whole face is round and round, a bit like a child’s face. Therefore, a round face is also referred to as a baby face. people with round faces are suitable for wearing long accessories. A long V-shaped necklace can elongate the face. Besides the babyface necklace, it is also suitable to wear exaggerated geometric earrings or amphibole earrings to add more lines to your face and help you look more mature.

Rectangular front

The rectangular front is characterized by a large front. The facial features are great too. From the forehead, the cheekbones, the chin to the mouth are in straight development. But the width of the face is less than two thirds of the length of the face. The sculpted jawline is evident.

Girls with a square face should not wear long, thin earrings, as they would make the face appear longer. Conversely, you should choose loose earrings. Big hoop earrings and tassels look great on girls with oval faces. As for the neckline, you can choose a trendy necklace near the collarbone to broaden the face.

Oval Face

Oval Face is also called Pineapple Face. It’s like an oval from forehead to chin. Girls with an oval face are suitable for any ornament. And triangular accessories can further define the perfect outline. It looks much better with a hairstyle that covers the entire back. ์˜จ๋ผ์ธ์นด์ง€๋…ธ์‚ฌ์ดํŠธ

Manicure tools uses

When we talk about manicures, we naturally think of nail salons. But if you have the right manicure tools and use them properly, you can do your own manicure at home and get your nails looking their best with minimal expense.

Nail clippers

Everyone has at least one nail clipper at home. The nail clipper allows you to trim and shape your nails easily and is very safe to use. Be sure to wash and dry your nail clippers after each use to keep the blades clean and prevent nail infections.


Always choose a sander that is easy on your nails. When filing, only work in one direction, from the edge to the center, or you risk breaking the nail. For health reasons and best results, replace files regularly.

Orange Stick

The Orange Stick is an essential pedicure tool; It is used to gently push back cuticles and clean nails. For the best results, you can first use a cuticle softener to help you with this process. For hygiene reasons, cotton swabs should be replaced frequently to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs.

Cuticle cutter

The cuticle cutter is a tool that must be used with care. Only use the tool to trim cuticles or protruding nails or you risk cutting your skin. It’s important to keep the trimmer clean by washing it in warm, soapy water; You can also soak it in rubbing alcohol to kill bacteria.


Daily wear can really take the shine off your nails. If your nails aren’t painted, you can use a buffer to add a natural, healthy shine with minimal effort. Many pads are shaped like a rectangular cube, no matter how much surface area the pad offers, it’s a great tool for smoothing out nail imperfections, removing burrs and adding a long-lasting shine. ๋ฐ”์นด๋ผ์‚ฌ์ดํŠธ

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